Thursday, June 19, 2014

AHBWS - Another Home Brew Weather Station

After years of taking classes at NJIT I have completed my Masters in Computer Science I have to figure out how to fill my time. I have decided to dive head first into the wonderful world of arduino!

While playing with random components is fun I like to have a larger goal in mind and so I have decided to create a weather station. So I started by doing the research of how to publish my data on the weather underground and found they have two recommendations that are going to drive my design. First the thermometer is 50' from the nearest paved surface. I was initially thinking of mounting the weather unit on the back of the garage, but that wont be 50' from the driveway.  Second is that the thermometer is recommended to be placed into a radiation shield.

Ambient Weather SRS100 Solar Radiation Shield

Basic design will be to take a Sparkfun SEN-08942 Weather Meter hooked to an arduino uno with a RF24+ talking to a remote mounted arduino mini-pro reading temperature / humidity & atmospheric pressure and transmitting the data back to the uno.

Parts and more details will be coming in following posts.

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